Sunday 18 Feb

Had an awesome few days celebrating my birthday with my family. I weighed myself thus morning and I’ve put on 2 lbs which doesn’t seem too bad. Gonna focus on healthier choices and get down to under that stone!

Breakfast: 2 weetabix & almond milk (hex a & b)

lunch : omelette with onion & pepper , 2 party rings (3 syns)

dinner: agnello with pasta at Bella italia . It has some cheeses on but not loads (5 syns?) i has a few of my friends chips (5 syns?)

a cup of mint tea

2 party rings (3 syns)

daily syns  16 / 15

weekly syns 16 / 75 (sun – thurs)


Friday 16 February

Fry up for brekkie

has a steak sandwich with chips for lunch . Chocolate ice gram from the chocolate place. Birthday cake.

Dinner was a duck salad starter, gnocchi with broccoli and then chocolate mousse with baileys. I feel rather sick. Going to make healthier choices tomorrow 🙈

15 Feb

It’s my 30th birthday today! It feels so strange that my dad isn’t around. I also kind of miss having a boyfriend, I’ve had one on my birthday (save 1 year) for the last 10. Gonna have an amazing time wirh my family though! No syns today :p

b: poached egg with roast potatoes abs broccoli

party rings, chocolate corn flake bites

goats cheese starter and beef main and chocolate terrine pudding . Chocolate birthday cake mmmm

Weds 14 Feb – early weigh day

Away until sat night , so weighed in today

weight 14st 1

Loss 10lbs \o/

nsv: my leggings feel more loose

it’s my birthday eve! Or, Valentine’s Day xD

b: 2 weetabix & almond milk

work snacks: a slice of choc cake and a slice of lemon cake (20 syns?)

lunch: el Mexicana pork salad bowl. Pork, veg, cheese , sour cream , gwok, salsa, rice, beans. Walnut whip from m&s

chicken , bacon and stuffing sammich (26.5 syns) hula hoo pufts  (3.5) brownie bites

Idinner something on route to Wales

dinner chicken bites and halloumi and chips and nachos

daily syns / 15

weekky syns to do


Tuesday 13 Feb

Pancake day! I wonder if I’ll have any pancakes …..

b: 2 slices wholemeal toast and marmite (hex b)

work snacks: nectarine, freddo (5 syns) hula hoop pufts (3.5 syns), 3 french fancies (16.5)

lunch: salad – potatoes , beans, couscous, seeetcorn, tiny bit of coleslaw

dinner 10? pancakes (45 syns?)

daily syns  70 / 15

weekly syns 222.5 / 105

Monday 12 Feb

I’m a whole decade older in 3 sleeps 😮

Breakfast 2 weetabix & almond milk (hex a & b)

snacks banana,  2 fondant fancies (11 syns)

lunch chicken and noodle salad from the new cafe tt(free?)

dinner wood grill with my bestie ❤️ steak  with chips (20 syns?) and a chocolate fondant (30 syns?)

Daily syns 61 / 15

weekky syns  152.5 / 105

Sunday 11 February

B: banana

lunch : pasta w/ tomatoes, garlic etc with a balsamic base. Eat 17, one of the companies in there. Pretty tasty!

dinner tandoori mixed grill (9.5 syns), mixed biriyani, 2 popadoms (4 syns), some mint sauce (2 syns?), 2 onion baji (10 syns)

eve snacks milky bar buttons (4 syns)

daily syns 27.5

weekly syns 91.5 / 105

Saturday 10 February

Day out with my Mum today ❤️

Brunch : fried egg, bacon medallions, 1/ can baked beans with sausages (2.5 syns), 2 slices of wholemeal toast (hex b)

pm snack boost juice bar strawberry crush regular size (18 syns)

dinner pad Thai chicken from lakeside food coirt (20 syns? Based on Wagamama values)

eve snacks 2 x milky bar buttons (8 syns)

daily syns 48.5 / 15

weekly syns 64 / 105


Friday 9 February – weigh day

Weight 14st 2

loss 9lbs – yay!!!

nsv ive got (mostly) comfortably into my Lola skinny jeans / leggings. They look good on my legs!

B : 2 sices whokenal toast & marmite (hex b)

work snacks: nectarine, choc buttons (4 syns)

lunch : jacket potato, beans, 30g cheddar cheese (hex a)

dinner: SW paella mmmm

eve snacks : choc buttons x2 (8 syns) hula hoop pufts (3.5 syns)

daily syns 15.5 / 15

weekly syns 15.5 / 105

Thursday 8 February

Hold on and enjoy the ride 🎵

b: 2 weetabix & milk

work snacks banana , nectarine, choc buttons (4 syns)

lunch chicken noodle thing from the new cafe at work

dinner zizzi with Emoooaar. Lamb with potatoes, beans and chianti gravy. Chocolate brownie (43 syns)

chocokate buttons (4 syns)

daily syns 53 /15

weekly 292.5 /90