Sunday 10 December

B: SW burger , cheese, onion and a white bap (8 syns)

am 2 advent calendar chocs (2 syns)

lunch: buffet at a party (50 syns??)

dinner: roast lamb and veg (free!)

daily syns 50

weekky syns 300  / 105


Saturday 9 December

Uggghh I’m hungover today . Made  some super synful choices last night , Christmas party hardcore

b: 2 slices wholemeal toast, 30g mix of Red Leicester and cheddar cheese (hex a & b) and marmite

lunch spaghetti bolognese at zizzi, salted caramel brownie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and white choc shavings

pm half a bag of salt & sweet popcorn from tesco

dinner bbq ribs, a few onion rings, a few fries. 2 slices Pizza Hut meat feast deep pan pizza. 2 pieces of cheesy garlic bread

daily syns 100?

weekly syns 250 / 105 ><

Friday 8 December- weigh day

Weight 14st 1

overall loss 7lbs since highest, 6lbs since original start in April

NSV I feel my stomach looks a little bit smaller 💪🏻

B: marmite and cheese (30g) on 2 slices of wholemeal toast (hex a / hex b)

Am snacks: banana

lunch : duck starter. Turkey dinner main. Strawberry Charlotte pudding,

Pm 2 water can cocktail , a merry kissmass cocktail and a whipped cream off a mudshake cocktail . 2 soft white rolls from m&s

dinner a pizza CAPRICCIO
Premium pepperoni, prosciutto ham,, black olives, our chunky tomato sauce & mozzarella cheese

3 feeddos

daily syns 150??

weekly syns 150 / 105

Thursday 7 December

B 2 weetabix & almond milk (hex a & hexb)

am banana

l jacket potato and tasty mince from home, curly wurly (6 syns)

dinner turkey thigh and roast veg with herbs. Very yum, much syn Free

eve snacks: 2 x advent calendar chocolates mmmm (2 syns)

half ish of a pouch of 118g of minstrels (14 syns)

daily syns 22 syns

weekly syns 286..5 / 105

im not sure if I’ll lose weight this week but I hope so!!!!

Wednesday 6 December

B: 30g of cheddar on 2 slices wholemeal toast (hex a & b)

lunch: spag bog from home and a freddo (5 syns)

pm snakes 5 flapjack bites (20 syns) fuck they were high! They tasted rather buttery though, very more ish.

dinner: slimming world sausage casserole, it wasn’t great.

eve : curly wurly (6 syns)

daily syns 31

weekly 264.5 / 105

Mon 4 December

It’s my year with my boyf today ❤️

B: ahreddies and almond milk (hex b, half of hex a)

l lamb burger (4 syns?)  in a brioche bun (8 syns?) with 5 potato wedges (6 syns?) and tzatziki (2 syns?)

A third of a massive slice of chocolate cake mmmm (9 syns?)

pm 3 advent calendar chocs (3 syns) 51g mars bar (11.5 syns)

d: chicken and roast veg with fry light (free)

eve curly wurly (6 syns), minstrels

daily syns 55.5

weekly  216.15(!!) / 105


Sun 3 December

Going to winter wonderland today – yay! Excite ^_^

b : 40g ish of shreddies as I didn’t have a scale, almond milk (hex a & hex b)

lunch bratwurst with ketchup (20 syns?)

pm snacks bratwurst with onions and ketchup x2 – 1 chicken, 1 original (35 syns?)

half a chimney cake with cinnamon (13 syns?)

bubble waffle (16 syns?) with kinder chocolate (6 syns) Oreos (5 syns), milk and white chocolate sauce. So good. So sickly

dinner cheese sandwich with a pack of ready salted French fries

daily syns 100??

weekly to do 161 / 105

Sat 2 December

B: 2 shredded wheat & milk (hexb & a)

am snacks advent choccie mmm (1 syn)

l: Nando’s butterfly chicken without skin (1 syn?), spicy rice (2.5 syns) and corn on the cob (free) small piece of halloumi (1.5 syns) a few chips (2 syns?)

pm snacks 32 mikado sticks (16 syns) a quarter of a bag of sweet & salt Tesco popcorn (10 syns)

d: penne, tomatoes w/ onoin and garlic and oregano, half a ball of 125g Asda lighter mozzarella (6 syns)

Eve snacks large milky bar (7 syns)

daily syns 46 syns

weekly 61 / 105


Fri 1 dec / weigh day

Weight 14st 2

overall loss 6lbs, tho 5lbs since April start weight

nsv: Mum said i look as though I’ve lost weight, and I feel my knees are more defined

bot quite the big loss Id hoped for, but 2lbs is still awesome 💪🏻 Aiming for 3lbs next week, to get under that 14st mark!  Considering I was almost 200% over my weekly syns last week….. derp

on a/l from work today with the boyf, still in bed at 8am. Bliss.

breakfast: 2 slices wholemeal toast (hex b) , fried egg, half a courgette / pepper & cherry tomatoes, 33g avocado (3 syns)

snacks am: advent calendar chocolate mmm (1 syn)

lunch jacket potato with beans and  30g cheddar  (hex a)

dinner rice noodles, slimming world Mexican chicken Iceland meal (free)

snacks evening curly wurly (6 syns) and a freddo (5 syns)

daiky syns 15 syns

weekly syns 15 / 105