Day 7 (sun 30th)

for breakfast I had a full English at the hotel 🙂 


i had poached egg, baked beans, tomato and an apple (free). I also had 2 pork sausages (10 syns?)  1 hash brown (2.5?) and a small piece of white toast (3?) had 3 cups of black tea (free)

Lunch in planning to have weetabix and milk for my hea and heb. Had that for lunch.

for dinner we had BBQ, chicken , beef, plain salad, potatoes. All syn free. And a small sausage, 4 syns?

eatimaed syn total: 19.5


Day 6 (sat 29th)

I’m off to a friend’s wedding today and staying overnight. The food is going to be casual BBQ so I’ll do my best to make some healthy choices!

brekkie: 2x weetabix (heb), almond milk approx 500ml (hea) and fresh strawberries (free)

im taking a 70cl bottle of peach archers, looked it up and its 3 syns for 25ml. Hoping there will be diet lemonade there, might buy some on route.

Lunch I had bbbq chicken skewers , chicken hallouumi & olive skewer and a third chicken skewer from m&s 3 for £7 rare of summer range

i later  had a delicious thick burger in a seeded white bun with a slice of cheddar chwwse, salad leaves and potato salad.

i snacked on various crisps, tried a small choc brownie and a piece of shortbread both home made

dribks I had maybe 2-3 measures of archers = 9 syns. I had 2 cans of sprite abd 2 cans of fuzzy lemon.

estimated syn total: 50? 100?

Day 5 (fri 28th) – weigh day #1

happy Friday, world

friday weigh in: 14st 2 – yes!! I’m 5lbs down since Monday! Planning to have Friday as my weigh days ~

bmi: : 35 (-0.9)

breakfast was the usual: banana (free) about 500ml of almond milk (hea) and 2 weetabix (heb)

not sure what I fancy for lunch but planning to make pasta with some veg and chicken for dinner. Gonna attempt a low to no syn day as I went waaaaaay over yesterday and maybe a little over on Tuesday.


Went for a cuppa with my friend and had some poached eggs with  baked beans from a cafe. Felt a bit awks not ordering bead or other stuff, but very tasty. No syns! Had no milk in my tea, no syns.

For lunch I had a jacket potato with the bolognese (no syns) that mum made on Monday, followed by an orange and chocolate muller yoghurt. Tried a bit of qark, strange after taste. All no syns \o/

for dinner I had pasta with the leftover mince / bolognese from Monday. Super tasty and filling, was rather stuffed. No syns

syn total: 0

Day 4 (thu 27th)

it’s almost 3am as I stayed up late reading a Disney inspired book my boyfriend got me. Best try to sleep now I guess!

brekkie: banana (free), 2 weetabix (heb), almond milk


amazing milkshake, which I’m going to estimate as 21 syns as a McDonald’s regular choc milkshake is that.

For lunch I had jackets pptatao, plain salad and baked beans, all no syns. I forgot to ask for without butter and didn’t realise until part way through eating. I’m gonna estimate 3 syns?

i made chicken jambalaya for dinner it was okay, thkogg the rice didnt cook properly. Hope I haven’t poisoners anyone xD will update if i have! No syns

had a caramel and chocolate muller yog, om nom, no syns

Estimated syn total; 24

Day 3 (wed 26)

hello day 3.  I’m struggling with getting out of bed.

for breakfast I had 2 weetabix (b) less then 1 litre ofbalmond milk (a) and a banana , no syns.

for lunch by aunt made a frittata that included cheese and sausage and she reckons it’s about 4 syns. Also had salad and fat free dressing , all syn free.

i had a garlic and herb hot chicken thigh from Sainsbury’s , but took most of the skin offf. Difficult to find an exact syn value but I’m guessing 2? From any oil or sauces?

she says dinner will be syn free, having a sweet and sour chickeny dish om nom nom. Excited ~ it was super tasty. Had a muller lemon and merengue yoghurt , 2.5 syns.

syn total: 8ish

Day 2 (tue 25 April)

I had weetabix, a banana and raisins for breakfast today. I looked up raisins syn value and it’s 4 syns for 28g – eeeesh! I’d rather have chocolate 🍫 I didn’t measure how many I had but I’ll say it was the 4.

For lunch we are planning to have an omelette, not sure what dinner plan is ~


had onlwttee wirh with lots of deals bits and bacon with no fat on, syn free. Had orange w chocolate muller yog, om nom. No syns.

had lean beef mince with lots of veg and wholewheat  tagliatelle for dinner. Super tasty, no syns.

had Cadbury marvellous creations rocky Malow road 47g bar. Didn’t find the syn value online; but the popping candy bar is 12.5 so I’m going to estimate 13.

estimated syn total: 17

Day 1 – weight and breakfast (mon 24 April)

I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been today.

starting weight : 14st 7lbs

startimg bmi: 35.9

height: 5ft 3

a healthy weight for my height according to BMI is 10st max.

Starting clothes size: 18 (tops/dresses) / 20 (jeans / trousers)

so here we go! This is my breakfast: 2 weetabix, a banana and somewhere between 200-500ml of unsweetened almond milk. The ceeeal is my healthy choice b, the milk is ny healthy choice a, and the banana is a free food.


lunch I had a home made salad – chicken , leaves, peppers, sweet corn. Syn free! I forgot to take a photo, but then I had a muller fat free cherry yoghurt nom nom ~


I had chicken, carrots, potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, all no syns. I also had gravy that had syns but I’m not sure how many.