Day 2 (tue 25 April)

I had weetabix, a banana and raisins for breakfast today. I looked up raisins syn value and it’s 4 syns for 28g – eeeesh! I’d rather have chocolate 🍫 I didn’t measure how many I had but I’ll say it was the 4.

For lunch we are planning to have an omelette, not sure what dinner plan is ~


had onlwttee wirh with lots of deals bits and bacon with no fat on, syn free. Had orange w chocolate muller yog, om nom. No syns.

had lean beef mince with lots of veg and wholewheat  tagliatelle for dinner. Super tasty, no syns.

had Cadbury marvellous creations rocky Malow road 47g bar. Didn’t find the syn value online; but the popping candy bar is 12.5 so I’m going to estimate 13.

estimated syn total: 17


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