Day 3 (wed 26)

hello day 3.  I’m struggling with getting out of bed.

for breakfast I had 2 weetabix (b) less then 1 litre ofbalmond milk (a) and a banana , no syns.

for lunch by aunt made a frittata that included cheese and sausage and she reckons it’s about 4 syns. Also had salad and fat free dressing , all syn free.

i had a garlic and herb hot chicken thigh from Sainsbury’s , but took most of the skin offf. Difficult to find an exact syn value but I’m guessing 2? From any oil or sauces?

she says dinner will be syn free, having a sweet and sour chickeny dish om nom nom. Excited ~ it was super tasty. Had a muller lemon and merengue yoghurt , 2.5 syns.

syn total: 8ish


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