Day 5 (fri 28th) – weigh day #1

happy Friday, world

friday weigh in: 14st 2 – yes!! I’m 5lbs down since Monday! Planning to have Friday as my weigh days ~

bmi: : 35 (-0.9)

breakfast was the usual: banana (free) about 500ml of almond milk (hea) and 2 weetabix (heb)

not sure what I fancy for lunch but planning to make pasta with some veg and chicken for dinner. Gonna attempt a low to no syn day as I went waaaaaay over yesterday and maybe a little over on Tuesday.


Went for a cuppa with my friend and had some poached eggs with  baked beans from a cafe. Felt a bit awks not ordering bead or other stuff, but very tasty. No syns! Had no milk in my tea, no syns.

For lunch I had a jacket potato with the bolognese (no syns) that mum made on Monday, followed by an orange and chocolate muller yoghurt. Tried a bit of qark, strange after taste. All no syns \o/

for dinner I had pasta with the leftover mince / bolognese from Monday. Super tasty and filling, was rather stuffed. No syns

syn total: 0


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