Day 6 (sat 29th)

I’m off to a friend’s wedding today and staying overnight. The food is going to be casual BBQ so I’ll do my best to make some healthy choices!

brekkie: 2x weetabix (heb), almond milk approx 500ml (hea) and fresh strawberries (free)

im taking a 70cl bottle of peach archers, looked it up and its 3 syns for 25ml. Hoping there will be diet lemonade there, might buy some on route.

Lunch I had bbbq chicken skewers , chicken hallouumi & olive skewer and a third chicken skewer from m&s 3 for £7 rare of summer range

i later  had a delicious thick burger in a seeded white bun with a slice of cheddar chwwse, salad leaves and potato salad.

i snacked on various crisps, tried a small choc brownie and a piece of shortbread both home made

dribks I had maybe 2-3 measures of archers = 9 syns. I had 2 cans of sprite abd 2 cans of fuzzy lemon.

estimated syn total: 50? 100?


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