Day 37 (weds 31 may)

Back on the healthier food choices today as I’m home again! I think Friday weigh day will be painful ~

breakfast: 2 weetabix , milk and a banana

lunch: Ham. Pasta , baked beans (a syn free) with 30g mature cheddar Tesco lighter cheese (5 syns)

8 hunks of milka choco swing (18 syns)

dinner: Meeting my friend at zizzi ^_^ spag bog. (Free?) summer berry sundae w raspberry sorbet, strawbeeeu ice cream, honey & cream ice cream, raspberries (18 syns?)

8 more squares of the milka choco swing (18 syns)

daily syns: 59(!!)

weekly syns: to do : 59 /75 (weds – sun as didn’t track any syns in Budapest)


Day 36 (tues 30 may)

Last day of Budapest nooooooo

brekkie: 2 slices brown toast with margarine. A piece of chocolate cake.

lunch: meaty pizza, with a daiquiri. A ball of chocolate and ball of forest fruits ice cream

had some milka with choco biscuit – 8 big squares mmmmm

dinner had a milka donut on the plane. Chicken and stuffing sandwich from m&s, plus some salt and vinegar crisps but like the French fries but not

Day 35 (mon 29th may)

Off to the thermal baths and on a cocktail cruise today \o/

b sweet fruity pastry

lunch chicken sandwich, with salad in and shared a portion of chips ~ sex on the beach cocktail and tequila sunrise cocktail on a boat

dinner pasta with ham, peas, cheese and profiteroles (pasta was delish, the pud not so much. Cosmo cocktail

daily syns

weekly syns /105

Day 33 (sat 27 may)

Bank holiday Saturday \o/

breakfast: 2 weetabix, banana, almond milk

lunch: gammon, egg, chips ( about 10) and baked beans. (10 syns for chips?)

a sausage from my boyfriend’s breakfast (6 syns)

Banana bread with chocolate chips (10 syns?)  super yummy mmmm. From a cafe

dinner: veg and onion / garlic dip, mini hash brown bites, mini chicken nibbles, a few celebrations  (10?)

daily syns: 36?

weekly syns: 132.5/ 105

Day 32 (fri 26 may) – weigh day #5

weight: 13st 11 – yay! This is the lightest I’ve been this year, got down to this in February.

over all loss: 10lbs / 1.8 bmi

B: almond milk, weetabix, banana ( heb & her & free)

snacks: apppe, there are 2 muller yogs at work (free)

lunch salad w/ BBQ chicken from yesterday (free), picnic bits wirh my colleagues ❤️ Much food mmmm

Dinner: Burger and chips

daily syns: 50?

Weekly: 96.5/ 105

Day 32 (thurs 25th may) – my thoughts on month 1

Into month two I go!

ive enjoyed slimming world so far. I would have liked consistently bigger losses but I know I got very carried away most weekends. Bearing this in mind, I’m really happy with my 9lb loss. Here’s to losing as much as I can this month! 💪🏻 I enjoy the rules and feeling I can have unlimited pasta, rice etc.

I’m missing cheese and chocolate nom nom

Weigh day tomorrow, wish me luck

Breakfast: almond milk, 2 weetabix, banana (hea & heb, syn free)

snacks at work: apple (free), a mini milk (1.5 syns)

lunch: small side of mac & cheese from the farmers market at work (10 syns?)

dinner: aromatic chicken bake (free) and a muller yog (free)

daily syns: 15?

weekly syns: to do 46.5/ 105


Day 31 (weds 24 may)

It’s my slimming world month-ary 😃

Breakfast: almond milk and weetabix (hea & heb)

Snacks:  banana, apple

lunch: salad with cooked chicken , orange choc muller yog

dinner: Fake away chicken korma, fake away sag aloo, fake away and pilau rice ~ (syn free)

raspberry and cranberry muller yog (syn free)

a Cadbury dairy milk marvellous creation jelly popping candy 47g bar (12 syns)

daily syns ; 12

weekly: to do 31.5/ 105

Day 30 (tues 23 may)

Had a sneaky weigh this morning and upto 13st 13 again. Gonna knuckle down to aim for 13st 11 or less by Friday weigh day 💪🏻

Almost a month of doing sw 🙂

breakfast: 2 weetabix w almond milk (hea/ heb)

Work snacks: banana, grape & strawberry pot (syn free)

lunch: Tesco egg and spinach protein pot,muller yog

dinner: wood grill! I’m going to have the lamb with greens om nom nom. Shared a portion of sweet potato fries (7 syns?), 2 scoops strawberry ice cream (9 syns) , biscuit crumb stuff (3.5 syns?)

daily syns: 19.5

weekly: 19.5 / 105

19.5 / 105

Day 29 (mon 22nd may)

I got very carried away with food (and a couple of drinks) at the wedding at the weekend. Time to make healthier (sw friendly) choices! I’d love to lose another lb or even 2 this week – then id be the lightest I’ll have been in 2017 before I go to Budapest for a long weekend  😀

breakfast: 2 weetavix, banana, almond milk (heb/ free / hea)

snakcs: a muller yoghurt (free)

lunch : salad, cooked piri piri chicken (free)

dinner: Had creamy coriander and minted chicken (free recipe) with rice noodles and vegetables om nom (syn free)

another muller yog (free)

Daily syns: None!

weekly (mon-sun) 0 / 105