Day 9 (2 may)

I start my new job today, wish me luck ~


usual brekkie – 2 weetabix (heb), unsweetened almond milk (hea) and a banana (free)

lunch: jacket potato from the park cafe with no butter (free) and baked beans (free). Snacks I plan to take with me are: apple (free)

i had a snack of ham when I get back from work but didn’t eat the far. (Free)

dinner: chixken breast with cinnamon, pepper and salt, baked using fry light. Had it with new potatoes, broccoli, carrots and cauliflower.

had a freddo (2.5 syns)

Had some kallo chicken gravy stock cube with it with dinner (free)

and another freddo (2.5)

estimated syn total: 5

im planning to start a weekly syn total so I can see how I’m doing during the week. This is if I have 15 syns everyday, the minimum syns for the 7 days would be 35 (5×7)

weekly syn total: (m-su): 5 / 105


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