Day 11 (thu 4th may)

the boyf and I quoted Star Wars at each other this morning in honour of the date. Also our 5 months ❤

bteakfast: weetabix, almond milk, banana (heb/ hea/ no syns)

lunxh i went to the cafe with my colleague but they’d run out of jacket potato. I had a panini (12 syns?) with ham, cucumber, lettuce and sweet corn. (No syns)

snacks I had at work are: apple, and toffee muller yoghurt (all no syns)

dinner my plans changed so was t home. I made pasta with chicken, used fry light, onion, green pepper,  garlic and a tin of chopped tomato.  (No syns) super stuffed

had 2 freddos mmmm (5 syns)

Estimaed syn total: 17

weekly syn total: (m-su): 44.5 / 105 (whoops I forgot to include Mondays syns until today)


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