Day 12 (fri 5th may) – weigh day #2

Friday weigh day: 14st ~

im really pleased, that’s -2lbs from last Friday and 1/2st lost overall  \o/ here’s to getting under that stone next week!

bmi: 34.7 (-1.2 overall)

breakfast: weetabix 2, almond milk < litre, banana (heb/ hea / free)

snacks I had at work: nectarine (free)

walkers ready salted crisps  25g packet – 6.5 syns

m&s mini roll bite – 2.5?

m&s billionaire bite – 2.5?

Home made gluten free peanut butter cookie – 6 ?

lunch: I’m going to a thing at work at a canteen in one of the other buildings. I’m not really sure what they’ll have but I’ll do my best to make a low syn choice. I had a sweet jacket potato and baked beans (free)

Dinner: i had an omelette with onion and garlic , followed by a smooth caramel muller light yogurt (free)

had a freddo om nom (2.5)

Estimaed syn total: 20

weekly syn total: (m-su): 64.5 / 105



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