Day 13 (sat 6th may)

why am I awake at 6am?? So today it’s my OH’s friend’s birthday do. I’m going to bake and take these 1 syn curly wurly brownies

we are going for pub grub this evening and I imagine there will be crisps and snacks during the day so I’ll try to eat lots of free food before I go to limit the nibbling 🤔

Breakdat was usual w / almond / banana

Lunch I had bacon (no fat) omlwttee wirh fry light, and a nectarine (no syns)

i had most of a tube of sour cream and chive Pringles – 35 syns? and around 15 malteasers. – 10 syns?

i shared a BBQ chicken pizza – 27 syns? wirh my OH, a chicken waffle dish thing with maple syrup  – 36 syns? and a crownie pudding – which is we a cookie dough and chocolate brownie combo – 12 syns?

Rather carried away, whoops ><

Todays syntotal: 120??

weekly estimated total (mon-sun) to do 184.5! / 105



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