Day 15 (mon 8th may) – dinner out tonight

into week 3! The weekend I got very carried away eating lots of high syn foods, so I’m focusing again today on as much syn free food as I can. I’m going to a family wedding next Friday (the 19th) and I’d really like to lose another 4lbs, or as much as possible to feel happier in myself ❤️

Breakfast: 2 weetabix with almond milk ( hea / heb)

snacks ive taken to work: apple

lunch: plain jacket potato with baked beans (syn free)

had a choc and orange muller

Dinne: going to a local grill place where I usually have a burger or pizza. I’ve looked at the menu and I’m going to have chicken breast or steak with some veg ^_^ I had rack of lamb with green beans (5 syns for oil?)

gor gone and had 2 ffreddo – 5 syns

Daily syn total: 10ish

weekly estimated total (mon-sun) 10 / 105


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