Day 16 (tues 9th may)

It’s my sister’s partners birthday today, he 30. Happy birthday to him!

feeling lethargic and uninspired about food this morning, I will power through 💪🏻

breakfast: got up early and made a 2 egg omelette with tomatoes, orange pepper and cooked chicken  with fry light (syn free)

snacks @ work: muller yoghurt (syn free)

lunch: 2 weetabix, almond milk and a banana ( hea / heb/ syn free)

i also had 2 vanilla cupcakes at work with buttercream icing, they we’re super tasty. A new lady made them – 12 syns maybe?

dinner my awesome mum is planningto make something with low fat lean beef mince om nom nom. We had a bolognese style mince with pasta (syn free)

had the last freddo in the pack mmmm – 2.5 syns

daily total: 14.5ish

weekly estimated total (mon-sun) 24.5 / 105


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