Day 18 (thu 11 May)

Early start today, feeling rather tired as I didn’t sleep that great >< but! I’m seeing my boyfriend tonight, yay ^_^

Breakfast: 2 weetabix , almond milk, banana ( heb / hea / syn free)

work snacks:  apple and grape snack bag from Tesco (syn free)

lunch: egg and spinach pot from Tesco (syn free),  had 3 churrros with cinnamon and sugar (35 syns??) and salted caramel dip (5 syns??)

dinner:  Has lamb with green beans (free) and sweet potato fries (13.5 syns?)  I shared a creme brûlée with shortbread wirh the boyf. (10 syns??)

daily syn total: 63.5

weekly estimated total (mon-sun) to do 94.5 / 105


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