Day 23 (tues 16 may)

Woke up at 3am after a nightmare, not fun :/

Breakfast: almond milk, 2 weetabix, banana (hea/ heb/ free)

work snacks: apple (free)

lunch: I had roast pork with carrots, broccoli, potato and onion. I’m not sure what it was cooked in and think there may have been some cheese so I’ll estimate I’ve used all of my syns for today. Also had a sprite free, om nomz (15 syns?)

dinner: Gluten free meatballs <3% fat, onion peppers tomatoes, pasta (syn free)

small milky bar (3.5 syns)

daily syn total: 18.5

weekly total (mon-sun) : 22 /  55 (readjusted from 105 to compensate for last week’s synfest)


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