Day 26 (Fri 19th may)

Travelling to a wedding for the weekend today , love a good wedding πŸ˜ƒ

Tonight’s meal I ordered months ago before I started slimming world, and is probably very high syn. I’ll do my best to have syn free food for the rest of the day πŸ’ͺ🏻

Breakfast: almond milk (hea), 2 weetabix and a banana (heb/ free) – my boyf got me all my usual breakfast foods, bless him 😍

Had a Sainsbury’s chocolate twist (14.5)

lunch: 2 Asda sausages (12? syns), scrambled eggs, baked beans, bacon with fat removed (syn free), I probably had 1/4 of a Sainsbury’s 800g tiger loaf (28 syns ><) and some flora buttery (10 syns?)

Dinner: a bread roll and butter (15 syns?)

Pan fried beef burger (18 syns?) coleslaw, tomato relish and chunky chips (20 syns?)

Lemon tart, (12 syns?) raspberry sorbet (5 syns?)

daily syns; 134?

weekly total (mon-sun) : 190 / 55 (readjusted from 105 to compensate for last week’s synfest)


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