Day 32 (thurs 25th may) – my thoughts on month 1

Into month two I go!

ive enjoyed slimming world so far. I would have liked consistently bigger losses but I know I got very carried away most weekends. Bearing this in mind, I’m really happy with my 9lb loss. Here’s to losing as much as I can this month! 💪🏻 I enjoy the rules and feeling I can have unlimited pasta, rice etc.

I’m missing cheese and chocolate nom nom

Weigh day tomorrow, wish me luck

Breakfast: almond milk, 2 weetabix, banana (hea & heb, syn free)

snacks at work: apple (free), a mini milk (1.5 syns)

lunch: small side of mac & cheese from the farmers market at work (10 syns?)

dinner: aromatic chicken bake (free) and a muller yog (free)

daily syns: 15?

weekly syns: to do 46.5/ 105



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