Day 65 – wed 28 June

B: weetabix, almond milk & bnan

snacks: cucumber batons, muller yog

lunch; home made lasagne (12 syns for cheese & bechemel sauce?)

dinner: chicken skewers at spoons (3 syns for oil?) and chips (21 syns, shit)

slice of bread (6 syns?) and flora buttery (6 syns?)

daily 48 syns (?!)

weekky to do 102.5 / 105

Day 61 – sat 24 June

Off to a spa today for 3 mini treatments, relaxing and a bit of swimming 😃

B: 2 slices wholemeal toasted (hexb) and 2 fried eggs with fry light (free)

l – la : half a tortilla, half a patatas bravas, chicken & asparagus, meatballs in a tomato sauce thing

d mixed grill, aloo peas, garlic naan, pilau rice

Day 60 – Fri 23 June – weigh day #9

Weight: 13st 10 – same as last week. Better than a gain! I did a lot of eating yesterday and went out for meals every day this week, so I took my Thursday weight 😊

total lost: 11lbs / 1.9 bmi points

brekkie almond milk & weetabix (hexa / hexb)

snacks banana and nectarine x 2, walkers 25g ready salted crisps (6.5 syns) , 3 dried apricots (2.5 syns)

lunch: chicken salad & muller yog (free)

dinner: ham, pasta and baked beans ~

milkybar (3.5 syns)

daily syns 12.5

weekly syns to do 138.75 / /105

Day 59 – thu 22 June

Off to a lab tour with work this afternoon , should be interesting 😊

B: omelette with  and 40g reduced fat cheese (hexa)

snax: apple, 1 Bourbon biscuit (3 syns)

l: rice, Thai green curry & chicken katsu in the canteen at the lab tour (15 syns?)

dinner: 1.5 slices wholemeal toast from 400g loaf (hexb), roast chicken with no skin, half a portion of chip shop chips (13 syns?)

3x big triangle of toblerone (26.25 syns)

a slice of walnut bread and flora (10 syns?)

daily 67.25syns

weekly 126..25 / /105

Day 58 – weds 21 June

It’s due to be the hottest day of the year 😱

B: weetabix & milk (hexa/ hexb)

snacks: nectarine, apple, mr freeze  ice pop (1 syn)

lunch: salad, chicken, muller yoghurt (free)

dinner: chicken skewer at spoons (3 syns for oil?)

A fried chicken strip thing (4 syns?)

a triangle of white toblerone (8.75 syns)

daily 16.75

weekly to do 59/ 105