Day 61 – sat 24 June

Off to a spa today for 3 mini treatments, relaxing and a bit of swimming 😃

B: 2 slices wholemeal toasted (hexb) and 2 fried eggs with fry light (free)

l – la : half a tortilla, half a patatas bravas, chicken & asparagus, meatballs in a tomato sauce thing

d mixed grill, aloo peas, garlic naan, pilau rice

Day 60 – Fri 23 June – weigh day #9

Weight: 13st 10 – same as last week. Better than a gain! I did a lot of eating yesterday and went out for meals every day this week, so I took my Thursday weight 😊

total lost: 11lbs / 1.9 bmi points

brekkie almond milk & weetabix (hexa / hexb)

snacks banana and nectarine x 2, walkers 25g ready salted crisps (6.5 syns) , 3 dried apricots (2.5 syns)

lunch: chicken salad & muller yog (free)

dinner: ham, pasta and baked beans ~

milkybar (3.5 syns)

daily syns 12.5

weekly syns to do 138.75 / /105

Day 59 – thu 22 June

Off to a lab tour with work this afternoon , should be interesting 😊

B: omelette with  and 40g reduced fat cheese (hexa)

snax: apple, 1 Bourbon biscuit (3 syns)

l: rice, Thai green curry & chicken katsu in the canteen at the lab tour (15 syns?)

dinner: 1.5 slices wholemeal toast from 400g loaf (hexb), roast chicken with no skin, half a portion of chip shop chips (13 syns?)

3x big triangle of toblerone (26.25 syns)

a slice of walnut bread and flora (10 syns?)

daily 67.25syns

weekly 126..25 / /105

Day 58 – weds 21 June

It’s due to be the hottest day of the year 😱

B: weetabix & milk (hexa/ hexb)

snacks: nectarine, apple, mr freeze  ice pop (1 syn)

lunch: salad, chicken, muller yoghurt (free)

dinner: chicken skewer at spoons (3 syns for oil?)

A fried chicken strip thing (4 syns?)

a triangle of white toblerone (8.75 syns)

daily 16.75

weekly to do 59/ 105

Day 57 – tue 20 june

B: weetabix & almond milk,  ( hexa / hexb)banana

s: , apple, nectarine (free)

l: chicken, salad, muller yogurt , (free) 24? olives (4.5 syns?) , mr freeze ice pop (1 syn)

d: nandos with my friend – Nandos Chicken Butterfly with no Skin (free) salad, corn on the cob with no butter (free). 2 tubs of the fat free yogurt (6 syns, 2 per tub but I overfilled both lol) and a glass of sprite (5 syns? Based on 250ml of 7up)

a triangle of  360g white toblerone (8.75 syns)

daily 25.25 syns

weekly  42.25 / 105

Day 56 – mon 19 June

Right, let’s do this 💪🏻 I’d love to lose 2-3lbs by Friday, get me to my stone kiss before going to the spa on Saturday!

b: weetabix & almond milk (hexa/ hexb)

snacks: apple

lunch: sweet chilli chicken, salad, muller yog  (Free)

dinner: lamb ragu pasta dish (free?) with cheese (5 syns?)

3 scoops of gelato / ice cream (12 syns?)

daily: 17 syns

weekly 17x/105

Day 55 (sun 18 June)

Gosh I got carried away yesterday! Nobody’s perfect, back on it today 💪🏻

Breakfast: weetabix & almond milk (hexa/ hexb)

snax: magnum classic (13.5 syns) that’s a lot of syns!!!

lunch: steak with onion and garlic, with carrots (free) with some tsiziki (1.5 syns?)

dinner: chicken shashlick, rice, sag aloo (free?)

daily syns 15/15

Day 54 (sat 17 June)

It’s Saturday \o/ yay!

b: weetabix, banana & almond milk (hexa/ hexb / free)

lunch: mwatballs with onion and garlic (free)

snaxs: carrot sticks & tsiziki, Pringles

dinner: delicious pizza near the boyfs fronds house (40 syns?), half a cheesy garlic bread pizza, banoffee pie and vanilla ice cream. A glass of purple rain cocktail

daily to do

weekly to do 232.5  /105

Day 53 (fri 16 June) – Friday weigh day #8

Weight: 13st 10 / 34.0 bmi – yay! Back on the loss again \o/ I’m hoping to be down to that 13st 7 by next friday, wish me luck 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻  Almost at 2.00 points lower bmi as well ~

pverall loss: 11lbs / 1.9 bmi

B : weetabix & almond milk

snax:banana, 8 x Tesco millionaire mini bites (25 syns). Walkers French fries salt & vinegar (4 syns)

lunch: pub grub burger with cheese and bacon (38 syns, estimated from Burger King values) , half a portion of chips (10 syns, estimated half a spoons portion)

dinner: coop cheese,tomato and garlic swirly (14 syns?), a quarter of a French stick (15 syns?) and lots of flora buttery (10 syns?)

3 thorntona chocolates (10.5 syns)

daily syns 136,5

weekly syns 232.5 (!!!! 🙈)  /105