Day 53 (fri 16 June) – Friday weigh day #8

Weight: 13st 10 / 34.0 bmi – yay! Back on the loss again \o/ I’m hoping to be down to that 13st 7 by next friday, wish me luck 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻  Almost at 2.00 points lower bmi as well ~

pverall loss: 11lbs / 1.9 bmi

B : weetabix & almond milk

snax:banana, 8 x Tesco millionaire mini bites (25 syns). Walkers French fries salt & vinegar (4 syns)

lunch: pub grub burger with cheese and bacon (38 syns, estimated from Burger King values) , half a portion of chips (10 syns, estimated half a spoons portion)

dinner: coop cheese,tomato and garlic swirly (14 syns?), a quarter of a French stick (15 syns?) and lots of flora buttery (10 syns?)

3 thorntona chocolates (10.5 syns)

daily syns 136,5

weekly syns 232.5 (!!!! 🙈)  /105


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