Day 81 – fri 14 July – weigh day #12

Weight: 13st 7

loss: 1st (14lbs) / 2.5 bmi points

im disappointed, but I will now introduce the NSV!

NSV: I bought and fit comfortably into a size 16 top from next this week – yay! Moving towards those smaller clothes sizes 💪🏻 Also fitting better into a lemon dress I bought early June, nearly into it \o/

going on holiday tomorrow 🎉

breakfast:milk & weetabix (hexa/ hexb)

snacks: apple & banana (free)

lunch: mince con carne home made leftovers from home (free)

2 saiinsusys gf triple choc cookies (9.5 syns)

Dinner: Chinese takeaway with the boyf and his family

daily syns to do

weekly syns to do 83.5 / 105


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