Thursday 30 November

B: omelette with pepper, onion and corgette (free)

snacks: banana, freddo (5 syns) choc rocky road thing made by my colleague (10 syns?)

lunch : 2 weetabix & almond milk, muller yog (free)

dinner: Chicken and chorizo (6.5 syns?) paella made by Mum ❤️❤️❤️

daily syns 21.5

weekly 307 / 105


Wednesday 29 November

I had a sneaky weigh this morning and I’m 14st 2 – really hoping to get to 14st this week! Rather a big goal, but then I’d be only 2lbs from my 10lbs before Christmas goal 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

B: 2 shredded wheat & milk (hex a & b)

s: banana

lunch: cooked chicken & rice with peas that I made at home, muller yog vanilla cheeee cake mmm (free)

dinner: wood grill! Steak & side of veg (free?) and Eton mess (22 syns?)

daily syns 22

weekly to do 285.5 / 105

Monday 27 November

It’s Monday again – and it’s chucking it down. Classic British weather

b: 2 shredded wheat & almond milk

s: banana, 4 Cadbury shorties biscuits (16.5 syns)

lunch: jacket potato, beans, muller yog, freddo (5 syns)

d: roast lamb and veg (free), cheesy leaks (10 syns?)

walnut whip m&s chocolate one (8 syns)

daily syns 39.5

weekly syns 229.5 / 105

Sun 26 November

Off to the hyper Japan convention today

b: shredded wheat & almond milk ( hex a / hex b)

snacks: banana, 5 dumplings – 3 chicken, 2 pork (15 syns?)

lunch: chicken katsu Burger (22 syns?). Doriyaki (pancakes) with strawberries & cream flavour (10 syns)

3.5 Chicken dumplings (11 syns?)

dinner: large burrito with beef & pork, rice, beans, cheese, mild salsa, salad, sour cream. (37 syns?)

10? x chocolate caramel digestive (40 syns?)

daily syns

weekly syns 190?!  / 105

Sat 25 November

Weekend yaaaaay \o/

b avacado (3 syns for 41g) & fried eggs & 2 slices of wholemeal toast (free / hex b) and a rasher of bacon with fat removed (free)

s: popadom x 2 (4 syns)

l 2 x heck chorizo style sausages (5 syns), slice of Red Leicester cheese (hex a?)

d: chicken shashlick (3 syns?) half a pilau rice, (2.5 syns) half aloo peas (3 syns?)

daily syns 20.5

weehky syns 55 / 105

Fri 24 nov – weigh day

Weight: 14st 4

loss: 4lbs from last week, 3lbs since originally starting in April

nsv my work trousers / jeggings aren’t digging into my tummy so much and I’m wearing a white top that I wore on Sunday that feels looser \o/

b: 2 slices 400g wholemeal toast with marmite and 40g light cheddar ( hex b / Free / hex a)

snacks: banana, 2x flapjack bites (8 syns), 2x Terry’s chocolate orange sensations (4 syns),, Delicious chocolate cake becaise my colleague was leaving (20 syns??)

lunch: salad leaves, 2 chicken drumsticks , choc orange muller yog (free)

dinner: I really want junk for dinner because work was super stressful this afternoon but I’ll do my best to make healthy choices because I want that dim sum on Sunday! 5 heck sausages spring chicken (2.5 syns), half a chicken noodle slimming world ready meal (free)

daily syns 34.5

weekly syns 34.5 / 105

Thursday 23 November

Been weighing myself a few times this week and I’m down 4lbs from Saturdays weigh in (which I back posted to Friday). Here’s to another lb before weigh day tomorrow – losing 5lbs in my first week would be amaze and get me well on my way to lose 10lbs by Xmas \o/ if I manage the first week loss, might change my Xmas goal to a stone 💪🏻

B: 2 x weetabix & almond milk (hex b / hex a)

s: banana, freddo (5 syns),muller yog

lunch: jacket potato & baked beans with sausages 400g tin (5 syns)

dinner: half an Iceland slimming world paella. Some Chinese chicken from Tesco with the skin removed

daily syns 10 syns

weekky syns 164 / 105

Weds 22 November

B: 2 slices of whole meal 400g bread with marmite  (hex b)

Snacks: banana, freddo (5 syns)

Lunch : Marks & Spencer Beef cannelloni reassures meal  (400g pack) (14.5 syns)

dinner: 2 x Tesco chicken breast in prosciutto (5 syns), carrot & potato & peas & seeetcorn & cauliflower (free)

daily 25.5

wewkly to do 128.5 / 105