29 December

my Holiday and time away with my family has been lovely. I don’t really want to go back home again -_-

b: 2 weetabix & milk (half of hex a /  all of hex b)

snacks: , Benedicks mint (4 syns?) Pom bears (4 syns) some chocolate raisins

lunch: m&s chicken and stuffing sandwich , half a portion of chips from harry ramssens


daily syns to do

weekly syns xx / 105



It’s Christmas eve

really miss you, Dad ❤️

Monday 18 December

Last Monday before Christmas! Let’s get back on it 💪🏻

B: 2 slices 400g wholemeal bread with marmite (hex b)

am snacks loads of chocs at work

lunch: jacket potato and baked beans with sausages (5 syns for whole can),  apple

Pm  more chocs

Dinner chicken and chips from the takeaway (??)

a whip

daily syns

weekly to do 200 / 105

Sunday 17 December

Out with my uni friends today ❤️

B: weetabix & almond milk (hex a / hex b) advent calendar (1 syn) 3-4 Cadbury tree decs (8 syns?)

lunch beef roast dinner, with Yorkshire pud and gravy and lots of veg . Had a loaded waffle with fruit and ice cream

dinner pizza swirly thing from coop

daily syns 50?

weekly syns 200/ 105

Saturday 16 December

Today I will do my very best to have no syns

b: SW burger, carrots, grilled bacon with fat removed , 30g cheddar cheese (hex a)

lunch: lots of chicken from sticky sisters

pm snacks lots of Cadbury tree decs

dinner Sw bolognese meal from Iceland and 2 slices of wholemeal bread (hex b)

daily syns 50??

weekly syns 150 / 105

Friday 15 December – weigh day


Weight 14st 2 – going with yesterday’s weight cos this morning was super high after my food fest yesterday 🙈

loss 6lbs since nov  / 5lbs since April

nsv hmmm struggling to think of one

thanking day at work – bring on the festive fun!

b: 2 slices wholemeal toast (hex b)

Am ginger bread , cupcakes, mince pies

lunch: jacket potato , beans small pot, muller yog,

pm snacks crisps , chocolate, bags of sugar

dinner 6 pigs in blankets and lots of veg mmmm

eve snacks nestle walnut whip

daily syna 100?

weekly syns 100 / 105

Thursday 14 December

I had a sneaky weigh this morning and I’ve gone upto 14st 2 – fingers crossed for maintaining my last week weight by tomorrow

b: 2 weetabix & almond milk (hexa&b)

snacks: mince pie

lunch: cheese & onion sandwich on granary bread wirh sweet corn, packet of walkers ready salted crisps

dinner: Bella italia with Laura. Pollo pancetta lasagne , followed by cookie al forno –  100 syns of Delicious? And a pint of lemonade

daily syns

weekky to do  389.5 / 105

Wednesday 13 December

I slept really badly last night, I felt like I was getting a cold and very bunged up, sneezy and coughing a bit. I remember being awake until at least 330am, when the alarm went off at 6 I just felt sick >< anyway! Best get ready for work 💪🏻

B: 2 slices wholemeal toast , 30g cheddar, 2 eggs fried in fry light (hex a / hex b)

snacks:, freddo (5 syns) 2 x celebrations chocs (4 syns)

lunch: mince and Jackwt potato

dinner half a Tesco fresh pasta ham and sausages touetelloni (6 syns?)

daoly syns 15 syns!

weekly syns 389.5 / 105