Day 52 (thu 15 June)

Had a cheeky weigh today – 13st 10 – will I make it to 13st 9 tomorrow?? ­čĄ×

b weetabix & milk

s: apple, 20g choc heart (5.5 syns), banana x 1.5

l: jacket potato & beans

d: roast chicken breast no skin, pasta with onion and corgette, 30g lighter mature cheddar cheese (5 syns)

daily syns 10.5

weekly syns: 96 / 105

Day 50 (tues 13 June)

It’s photo day at work, eeeeeeek. ­čÖł

Breakfast : weetabix & milk (hexa/ hexb)

snaxs: banana, half a m&s Belgian milk chocolate rice cake (4.5 syns?)

lunch: jacket potato and beans snack pot, then miller yog (free)

dinner: steak  at spoons with peas (free) and chips (21 syns)

chocolate fudge cake with ice cream (41.5 fuuuuuckkk)

daily: 67

weekky : 82 /105

Day 49 (mon 12th June)

Last day of Wales, travelling back home tonight ~

breakfast: banana (free)

lunch: meatballs with pennne pasta in tomato sauce with peas (free?) had a little bit of cheese (3 syns?)from a delish restaurant in CB. Also had half a garlic bread ciabatta slice (5 syns)

dinner: egg and spinach protein pot from Tesco (free). 1/2 a pack of pink angel delight (7 syns)

daily syns : 15 syns

weekly syns: 15 /105

Day 48 (sun 11 june)

Wales day 3

Super lazy start to the day mmmmm

beeakfast: spoons children’s fry up – fried egg (1 syn) hash brown (3 syns?) bacon with fat removed (free)┬ásausage (6 syns), baked beans (free)

had an ice cream at fortes mmmm. A scoop of Belgian chocolate chip and a scoop of salted caramel crunch (12 syns?)

i had quite a lot of malteasers

a frozen woo woo

dinner: chilli con carne wirh rice. Massive brownie with caramel and  maltesers and boost bars.

daily syns: hundreds

Day 47 (sat 10 June)

I’m wales and eating all the food

Breakfast : apple, pan au chocolat (12.5) and plain croissant (12 syns)

lunch beef burger (12.5 syns? Used McDonald’s value) seasonal veggies, carrot cake (15 syns?) at a tasty restaurant by the sea

14x mcvities digestive tiffin bites (51 syns?)

dinner : a plate of leftover Chinese food – chicken satay , egg fried rice, ┬ánoodles, a veg spring roll

Day 46 (fri 9 June) – Friday weigh day #7

Weight; 13st 11 – yay!

overall loss: 10lbs / 1.8 bmi

b: tesco chicken, bacon and stuffing sandwich on brown malted bread (26.5 syns fffffff)

chocolate croissant (20 syns? An almond one is 19 and a pan au chocolat is 12.5 so not too sure)

lunch cooked chicken, salad leaves, cucumber (free) 1.5 wholemeail pitta bread (13.5 syns), half a tub of 55% less fat potato salad (8 syns)

5 Cadbury heroes (12.5 syns)


daily syns: to do

weekly syns: to do

Day 45 (thu 8 June)

Today is my work Friday \o/ off to visit my sister with family friends tomorrrow ~

b: weetabix & almond milk ( hea/ heb)

snacks: apple

lunch: Cheese (6 syns?) and onion brown bread (8 syns?)£sandwich with sweet corn and peppers (free)

a slice of strawberry cheeeecake from the farmers market mmmmm (15 syns?)

dinner: grilled gammon, bacon with no fat on, SW wedges, fried corvette , onions, tomato and onion with garlic (free)

daily syns: 29

weekly syns: to do 93/105

Day 44 (weds 7 June)

B: 2 weetabix & almond milk (hea/ heb)

s: nectarine (free)

l: jacket potato with baked beans and muller yog (free)

d: Pasta with baby corn, peppers, onions, garlic, green beans and 0% fat creme fresh (free)

5 Thornton lemon mousse chocolates (3.5 syns each = 17.5)

daily syns: 17.5

weekly syns: 93 / 105

Day 43 (tue 6 June)

I’d really like my face / non tooth to stop hurting now please -_-

breakfast: weetabix, almond milk (hea/ heb)

snacks: nectarine, banana (free)

Lunch: Tesco sun dried tomato and feta pasta salad (9.5 syns, auntie Wist looked it up), muller yog (free)

dinner: going to wood grill with a friend in honour of her birthday ­čÄë

Pizza with chicken, sweet peppers and  pesto (40 syns?)

chocolate melt dessert (20 syns) with a ball of vanilla ice cream (6 syns)

daily syns: 75.5

weekly syns: to do 75.5 /105